Always Exceptional Roofing Services (at New Roof Installation NJ)

At New Roof Installation NJ, we can help deliver services that go beyond basic roof inspection and repair. We can also offer comprehensive roofing assessments that will give you an idea of any impending issues. There can be any number of warning signs that you might need some roof work done, and we’re here to help you along this process to determine what might be amiss.
For example, you might notice cracked or broken shingles from time to time. Those might not seem like a big deal initially, but those cracks can lead to roof seepage, which will in turn cause molding and wood rot. Rather than wait for these problems to fester and worsen, why not receive an inspection that can mitigate them when they’re still treatable with just a few quick corrections? That’s where New Roof Installation NJ can help – we’ll break down the process and help you understand your roof’s condition, and you’ll see the benefits of treating issues right away. Call us today!

If you’re experiencing a roofing issue, there’s no need to wait. We can deploy one of our teams to your location expeditiously, allowing you to attend to the concern. You’ll get an on-the-spot assessment that can let you budget the cost of your repairs, and we can help work with you to create a financing plan. We’ll break down each step of the process to you, allowing you to see for yourself what options are available.
Sometimes the terminology can be complicated, and this is another area in which we can help. Whether it’s a terra cotta, asphalt, slate, or even flat roof, there are a number of options and specialties with advantages and drawbacks to each. At New Roof Installation NJ, we can explain it to you and provide an expert recommendation. Conversely, if there is a specific material or brand that you want us to use, we can easily accommodate that request as well. We aim to be professionally flexible, providing you with the largest possible assortment of options. Give us a call today at 732-582-4149 or check in with us any time on the web for more information.

New Roof Installation NJ can attend to your roofing project with a maximum of skill, efficiency, and economy. We understand that protecting and maintaining your roof is critical to the integrity of your investment. We also have the carpentry skills to work with you on your soffit or fascia installation or repair needs as well, making sure that your entire roof is properly ventilated and that your insulation is aligned correctly. These seemingly small considerations can make a huge difference in the overall health of your roof, and we’ll gladly consult with you to provide our expert insight. Let us help you protect your investment – call New Roof Installation NJ today to learn more.

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We really appreciate the help you gave us in selecting the right roof for our home. It fits both the house and the environment perfectly. No other roofer would go that extra distance. Thanks!

– Margaret Heller, Kenilworth