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No matter the type of roofing project you want to undertake – whether it’s commercial, industrial, residential, or somewhere in between – New Roof Installation NJ can see it all the way to completion. There are all manners of roof repairs, too – everything from routine maintenance to major restoration, all of which we can handle. For instance, you might notice that the metal flashing on your roof is getting bent out of shape–this can be an indication of larger problems, but we can help you asses the scope of your issues and come up with a roof repair plan. Outside of the scope of repairs, we can also help you mitigate ice issues (often of critical importance to commercial properties), installing the latest technology that helps prevent the buildup of ice and ice dams that can backflow under your shingles. Ice mitigation can prevent damage to roofing wood, as well as preventing flooding or mold issues – and it’s a service we offer in an easy consultation. Don’t take a chance with New Jersey winter weather! Call us today at 732-582-4149 to learn more about these services.

Consider the effects of inclement weather on your properties. Are you sure that there’s no damage after a powerful hailstorm or other incident? A cursory visual inspection may not be enough, but an infrared thermal scan can tell you much more about your roof’s condition – and it’s a service that New Roof Installation NJ can provide. A thermal scan will reveal heat retention after sunset, a sure sign that your roof seal is compromised and that insulation and other components may be at risk. Rather than just patching over and hoping for the best, we’re able to get to the heart of the leak and repair it – ensuring longevity and integrity to your roof for the long haul. We offer this state-of-the-art inspection service at a competitive price, and it’s only one of many other advanced techniques that we offer to ensure that your roof is solid and protected. Call New Roof Installation NJ today and learn more about what we have to offer.

We’ve tackled large-scale commercial roofing projects in the past, but it’s not the only task we’re able to complete – we also handle residential projects. We can leverage the experience of managing commercial roof installation and repair, bringing to bear all the skills required for such a complex operation for your home roof repair or replacement. At New Roof Installation NJ, no project is too small – and we can offer solutions to issues that other contractors might otherwise gloss over. Let us assist you with your residential roofing project today – our technicians are GAF certified, and we have unbeatable levels of experience in the industry. You can always expect the best with New Roof Installation NJ! Call today to learn more.

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I hired New Roof Installation NJ for our roofing project from a recommendation by a close friend. It was definitely the right choice. The old roof came off and the new one went on in two days. The property was left cleaner than when they started. The new roof looks amazing.

– Don McCauley, Hasbrouck Heights